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Introducing the HoldZall Target Holding System

  The Wisconsin Trigger Company would like to introduce its newest product: the HoldZall Target Holding System. This product holds items to be used as targets. 

  If you can fit a rubber band around the target item, the HoldZall will hold it. With the included couplers and straight rods, the HoldZall can be adjusted to the height you want the target to be. Just push the straight rod in the ground using the included installing tool. Select the coupler to be used and install it on to the straight rod in the ground, half-way down. Then install the Target holder in to the coupler. To adjust the height simply pull the Target holder out of the coupler to  the desired height. The more you separate the straight rod from the target holder, the more movement the target will have. On a windy day and using balloons as your target, with 3 or 4 inches of separation you will have a very challenging target. 

   You can use almost any rubber band. If you are trying to hold large beach ball type targets you can use extra large rubber bands. Use your imagination to hold the target of your choice.

HoldZall target holding systems are available at www.WisconsinTrigger.com . Replacement parts are also available on this website. 

One quick note-- too much separation and a heavy target on a hot day will cause the coupler to bend to the side. It will still move but not as much. When you have finished shooting and put your HoldZall back in the box, you will probably need to straighten out the couplers.

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